Ticton’s purpose is to make live esports accessible, no matter the circumstances. We are huge fans of esports and regularly spend days watching live competitions. However, we realised that there are constraints in people’s lives that make it impossible to watch entire events.

We are a technology company focused on increasing engagement with live esports content. We believe in the enormous potential of esports, and the technological edge it has over traditional sports broadcasts. We are convinced that esports is leading the way for live content technology that will also impact traditional sports media in the future.

We are providing a solution to a combination of opposing forces:


Abundance of content


Limited/ fragmented spare time


Maximize entertainment factor

We are not finished building yet and will release upgrades and new features on a regular basis. If you share our vision for esports, feel free to get in touch ( We are looking for additional team members


Ticton was initiated by Theo alongside a group of audacious people who want to shape the esports landscape. We are a small group of people who are self-funded and blessed to have met some fantastic contributors on the journey thus far

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…Team spirit:Ticton quite literally is an abbreviation of “Teams In aCTiON”. We ourselves are passionate gamers who enjoy the competitive nature of esports and friendly rivalries of fan communities.

…Diversity:Esports is diverse! No matter the game genre or skill-level. Pro, collegiate and minor leagues are available. This means that there’s an esports for everyone to actively play or watch. We want to highlight this diversity and give every esports a chance to be discovered.

…Inclusion: Esports is the most inclusive form of competition we can imagine. No matter the language, background, gender or physical constitution, everyone is welcome to join in. In line with this principle, we started to build Team Ticton.

…Accessibility: Esports should be easy to access, that’s why we are building messenger-first. There’s no need to download anything or register. Ticton is made for ease of use. We want to bring down entry barriers into the spectators’ side of esports, provide viewers with the information they need to enjoy the screen action.

…Next Generation Digital Entertainment: Gaming is at the forefront of revolutionizing digital entertainment. We are convinced esports will continue to fuel this trend. Team Ticton is excited to be involved and co-shape the landscape for years to come.